The participants can download sample data and participate to a data exchange. This requires to sign up to the Google group gesturechallenge (you need to have a Google account), then follow the instructions for participants under datasets. Other publicly available data resources are found below.

Sign Language Recognition

    • RWTH German Fingerspelling Database: German sign language, fingerspelling, 1400 utterances, 35 dynamic gestures, 20 speakers
    • RWTH-Phoenix Tagesschau: German sign language database, 95 German weather forecast records, 1353 sentences, 1225 signs, fully annotated, 11 speakers
    • RWTH-BOSTON-10: American sign language database, containing 110 utterances of 10 American sign language words.
    • RWTH-BOSTON-50: American sign language database, 483 utterances, 50 isolated signs, 83 prononciations, 3 speakers
    • RWTH-BOSTON-104: American sign language database, 201 sentences, 104 signs, continuous sign language, 3 speakers
    • RWTH-BOSTON-400: American sign language database, 843 sentences, about 400 signs, continuous sign language, 5 speakers
    • RWTH-BOSTON-Hands: hand tracking database, 1000 frames with annotated hand positions to evaluate hand tracking algorithms
    • ATIS Corpus: Irish sign language database, 680 sentences, about 400 signs, continuous sign language, several speakers, with annotated hand and head positions to evaluate hand tracking algorithms
    • Corpus NGT: An online corpus of video data from Sign Language of the Netherlands with annotations
  • BSL Corpus Project

If you are interested in using these sign language recognition databases too, please contact Philippe Dreuw.

Other resources

Semantic robot vision challenge

Gesture recognition resources at IDIAP: gestures, two-handed, interact play.

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