Call for Kinect(TM) demonstrations

We invite the participants to enter a demonstration competition of applications of gesture recognition with KinectTM. At ICPR 2012, the participants will demonstrate their system and be judged by a panel of experts, who will grade them according to pre-defined criteria:

  1. relevance (an application of gesture recognition using KinectTM NOT limited to one-shot-learning like the gesture challenge),
  2. usefulness (or, if it is a game, playfulness),
  3. technical or scientific contribution,
  4. novelty/originality, and
  5. quality of implementation.

First prize: USD 5000,

Second prize: USD 3000,

Third prize: USD 2000.

The prizes are donated by Microsoft (see the rules for the "qualitative evaluation" of the gesture challenge). To earn prizes, the participants must use a KinectTM device and the Microsoft SDK. Microsoft may also offer to license the technology of the winners for up to USD 100,000.

  • Register: The demonstrators should subscribe to our Google group gesturechallenge.
  • Guidelines: The demonstrators should send a 2-page demonstration proposal. They should take into account the evaluation criteria. Alternatively, the demonstrators may send a full length paper (see the call for paper), but the deadline is sooner.
  • Submission: The proposals should be emailed to
  • Deadline: Monday Oct 8, 2012.