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Results and Analysis of the ChaLearn Gesture Challenge 2012

  • Isabelle Guyon
  • V. Athitsos
  • P. Jangyodsuk
  • H. J. Escalante
  • B. Hamner
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7854, Springer 2013, pp 186-204

    Round 1 results (50 competitors):

    1) Quantitative evaluation (one-shot-learning challenge)
    1st place: alfnie (Alfonso Nieto Castañón)
    2nd place: Pennect (University of Pennsylvania)
    3rd place: One Million Monkeys (Eric Jackson)

    2) Qualitative evaluation (demo competition)
    1st place: Cem Keskin, Eray Berger and Lale Akarun (hand gestures)
    2nd place: Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello, Giorgio Metta, Francesca Odone (memory game)
    3rd place: Gabriele Fanelli, Juergen Gall, Luc Van Gool (head position)

    Round 2 results (35 competitors):

    1) Quantitative evaluation (one-shot-learning challenge)

    1st place: alfnie (Alfonso Nieto Castañón, Spain)
    2nd place: Turtle Tamers (Jakub Konečný, Michal Hagara, Slovakia)
    3rd place: Joewan (Jun Wan, Shuang Deng, China

    2) Qualitative evaluation (demo competition)
    1st place: 
    Nikolaos Kyriazis, Iason Oikonomidis, Antonis A. Argyros, Greece (giving a hand to Kinect)
    2nd place: 
    Luigi Gallo, Alessio Pierluigi Placitelli, Giuseppe De Pietro, Italy (A Kinect NUI for 3D Medical Visualization)
    3rd place: 
    Oscar Lopes, Miguel Pousa, Miguel Reyes, Sergio Escalera, Jordi Gonzàlez, Spain 
    Multi Hand Pose Recognition System)

    Challenge results

    The results of the challenge will be published in a special topic of the Journal of Machine Learning Research on Gesture Recognition. The collection of papers will also be printed as a book in the Challenges in Machine Learning series of Microtome. See the call-for-papers.

    Slides of the presentations:
    The results were presented at two workshop, where we also ran live contests: CVPR 2012 and at ICPR 2012
    We also made a video with the results.

    The competitors of both rounds one had to fill out fact sheets on their methods. 
    See the summary
    Challenge analysis papers:

    1) ChaLearn gesture challenge: Design and first resultsIsabelle Guyon, Vassilis Athitsos, Pat Jangyodsuk, Ben Hamner, Hugo Jair Escalante. CVPR Workshops 2012: 1-6. (IEEE Explore)
    2) Results and Analysis of the ChaLearn Gesture Challenge 2012Isabelle Guyon, Vassilis Athitsos, Pat Jangyodsuk, Hugo Jair Escalante, Ben Hamner. ICPR Competitions 2012: 1-19. (to appear in Springer LNCS)
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