Challenge Results 2014

TBA: 2015 Looking at People Challenge 

Dear participants, we are pleased to announce here the final results for ChaLearn Looking at People 2014. Thanks for participating!

Track1: Human Pose Recovery

RankTeam NameScore
2Seawolf Vision0.182097

Track 2: Action/Interaction Recognition

RankTeam NameScoreWorkshop Paper
1CUHK-SWJTU0.507173Xiaojiang Peng; Limin Wang; Zhuowei Cai. "Action and Gesture Temporal Spotting with Super Vector Representation"
2ADSC0.501164 Yong Pei; Bingbing Ni; Indriyati Atmosukarto. "Mixture of Heterogeneous Attribute Analyzers for Human Action Detection" 

3SBUVIS0.441405 Zhixin Shu. "Human action detection in videos with improved dense trajectories and sliding window" 


Track 3: Gesture Recognition

RankTeam NameScoreWorkshop Paper
1liris0.84998Natalia Neverova; Christian Wolf; Graham Taylor; Florian Nebout. "Multi-scale deep learning for gesture detection and localization"

2CraSPN0.83390 Camille Monnier; Stan German; Andrey Ost. "A Multi-scale Boosted Detector for Efficient and Robust Gesture Recognition" 

3JY0.82679Ju Yong Chang. "Nonparametric Gesture Labeling from Multi-modal Data" 

4CUHK-SWJTU0.79193 Xiaojiang Peng; Limin Wang; Zhuowei Cai. "Action and Gesture Temporal Spotting with Super Vector Representation" 

5lpigou0.78880 Lionel Pigou; Sander Dieleman; Pieter-Jan Kindermans. "Sign Language Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks" 

6stevenwudi0.78731 Di Wu. "Deep Dynamic Neural Networks for Gesture Segmentation and Recognition"
7ismar0.74663 Necati Cihan Camgoz; Ahmet Alp Kindiroglu; Lale  Akarun. "Gesture Recognition using Template Based Random Forest Classifiers" 

8Quads0.74544 Georgios Evangelidis; Gurkirt Singh; Radu Horaud. "Continuous gesture recognition from articulated poses" 


10TUM-fortiss0.64897 Guang Chen; Daniel Clarke; Manuel Giuliani; David Weikersdorfer; Alois Knoll. "Multi-modality Gesture Detection and Recognition With Un-supervision, Randomization and Discrimination" 

11CSU-SCM0.59717 Bin Liang; Lihong Zheng. "Multi-modal Gesture Recognition Using Skeletal Joints and Motion Trail Model" 



14Team Netherlands0.43070